Oonly Oonly

High-quality mineral water in an environmentally friendly returnable bottle

  • Up to 80% less plastic consumption *
  • 100% recycling - ZERO WASTE reycling
  • BPA-free TRITAN bottle Tritan
* Compared to disposable PET bottles, during the entire life cycle of the Oonly bottle.
What is Oonly?

What is Oonly?

Oonly is a sustainable innovation to reduce plastic pollution, one of the most important issues of our time.

With Oonly, we re-invented a previously widely used and popular solution, the deposit-refund scheme for bottles, which we placed into a 21st century environment to create the Oonly system. An Oonly bottle can be reused up to thirty times during its lifecycle. After you buy an Oonly bottle, drink the water and return the bottle to us either through the docking station or via kifli.hu, we disinfect it at a very high temperature, and refill it so the process can start all over again. No plastic contamination, just crystal clear, natural mineral water. All bottles and accessories are recycled in their entirety at the end of their lifecycles, so the whole Oonly process is entirely free of plastic waste. - ZERO WASTE

Mineral water Mineral water

Mineral water

With Oonly, you don’t have give up on high-quality mineral water just to remain environmentally conscious: all Oonly bottles are filled with Vis Vitalis mineral water.

Vis Vitalis is the high-quality, naturally crystal clear mineral water produced by the Pannonhalma Archabbey. The spring from which the sourced is made is situated in the foothills St. Martin's Hill in Pannonhalma. The natural mineral water is brought up and bottled from a protected water table that is around 17,500 years old and lays 106 m under ground, and is naturally crystal clear due to the closed water base and its age. Thanks to the Oonly system, we are able to maintain this purity throughout the process.


Oonly is available in 1.5-liter bottles capped with dark blue for carbonated water and light blue for non-carbonated. kukapkok

Mineral content

Mineral content

Total dissolved mineral content:
Hydrogen carbonate:

658 mg/l
475 mg/l
62,2 mg/l
60,4 mg/l
40 mg/l
20 mg/l

Carbon-dioxide in carbonated Oonly mineral water:
min. 3,5 g/l

The docking station

One of the most important stops in Oonly’s special circulation is the docking station.

Oonly’s docking station is unique in the world, with the capacity of storing, returning and selling 900 bottles. It also continuously communicates with you and with us.

Find a docking station
  • In addition to buying new bottles, you can also replace your existing Oonly bottles.
  • The station is able to identify individual Oonly bottles with a QR code scanner.
  • It also sells bottle carriers so you can take 6 bottles home more conveniently.
  • You can pay by credit card.
The docking station

How does the docking station work?

At the docking stations you can both purchase and return bottles. You can refund empty bottles, that will be collected and stored by the docking station and returned to Oonly’s unique circulation. You can then decide if you want to replace them with full bottles.

If you choose to return more bottles than you purchase, the docking station will refund the deposit to you in the form of your choice. You can choose to get coupons that you can use in the form of a discount on your future purchases, or you can get the money back via bank transfer.

  1. Choose how much carbonated and non-carbonated mineral water you want!
  2. Take home fresh, natural water!
  3. Bring back the empty Oonly bottle!
  4. Throw the empty bottle in the docking station, then choose mineral water again!
  5. It’s that simple!


Would you like to be part of Oonly's unique circulation from the comfort of your own home?

That’s what the kifli.hu online store offers: manage every step of Oonly’s process from your home! Enjoy high-quality mineral water and Oonly's innovative green solution, even when sitting on your couch. You can even order your first Oonly bottles online from kifli.hu.


When the couriers arrive at your house with your next order, you can give them the empty bottles, which they will either exchange for full bottles in accordance with your order or, if you need fewer bottles, the refund will be added to your kifli.hu account in the form of credits. Kifli.hu typically delivers within a couple of hours, so you can enjoy your Oonly products on the same day that you ordered. The kifli.hu delivery map is available here.


Why is Oonly important?

PET waste is a global problem. We all know that by now. In Hungary alone, 2 billion PET bottles are sold annually, and these are then almost immediately thrown in the trash bin.

2 milliárd db PET palack

Nearly 60% of PET waste is from mineral water. PET does not decompose promptly: it enters our waters, soil, and even the air in the form of a micro-plastics.

Hungary is doing quite poorly in terms of recycling plastic waste*. Only every third bottle will be recycled to another plastic product again. 2 out of 3 PET bottles will end up in our rivers, forests, underground landfills, or incinerators. One is worse than the other.


The Oonly system

The bottle cap

We use aluminum caps because aluminum is extremely easy to recycle. The cap is the only single use component of Oonly system. The product has a barcode on the cap, and the cap color indicates whether the mineral water is carbonated or not.

The bottle

We use 100% BPA-free Tritan bottles that can be washed at up to 110°C and then refilled when sterile. Sports flasks are made from Tritan, and we have developed a new way to use the material. The Tritan bottle is strong, durable, and can be disinfected at high temperatures. This allows Oonly bottles to remain part of the cycle for years, replacing the disposable PET bottles currently available.

Learn more about Tritan link


The label

Oonly does not use foil labels. The product information on the bottle sidewall is printed with permanent, washable paint. No plastic foil waste is generated and no label adhesive is used. It is sustainable and simple.

The QR code

Oonly bottles can be individually identified by a QR code on the base. By scanning the code, we can identify the bottles and keep track of the number of cycles.


The carrier

Oonly does not use shrink wrap, which also reduces the amount of plastic waste. The carrier is suitable for the practical transport of 6 bottles, can be reused countless times, and is made of 50% recycled plastic.


The case

The easiest solution for home delivery is the use of the Oonly case. The 12-bottle case allows you to store the bottles neatly in your home and they also make carrying the bottles much more convenient. It is made of durable, reusable, and 100% recycled plastic.

Where can I find a docking station?

Allee Shopping Center (P3 Parking level next to the moving walkway)

8-10, Október huszonharmadika u., Budapest 1117
10 AM- 9 PM (06 1) 372 7208

ALLEE Bevásárlóközpont

Oonly’s mission

We imagine a world where everyday consumption does not produce mountains of garbage.

Plastic cannot be completely eliminated from our lives. However, Oonly allows us to significantly reduce plastic use by replacing disposable PET bottles, without having to do without high-quality mineral water. Our goal is to replace the packaging of as many products marketed in disposable plastics as possible with reusable Oonly solutions in the future.


European Union Regional Development Fund